Friday, 4 March 2011

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"Be ruthless with your possessions - you cannot afford to waste any space on redundant clutter. Take everything out of your home and only put back in the things you need or love. You will be surprised at how much space you save and how good you feel". Sir Terence Conran

Easier said than done!


  1. I am not sure I agree. It can get too empty too.
    Right now we are trying to fill our home with more things, to make it more homey.

    But then again, we are swedes.

  2. Anna, I'm happy you made this comment so that I now changed the picture that goes with the post to make it more clear. I think that "only putting back things you need or love" also mean that one can have many things. I love cosy homes with many things..

    But, unfortunately, my home, is full of clutter - full of things that I neither love nor need, but just cannot manage to get rid of...

    You are lucky to be one step ahead: you already got rid of things you don't love and have therefore space to buy beautiful things that you do love!