Monday, 26 September 2011

My childhood's vineyards

In today's blog, I am taking you to my childhood in Transsylvania. This house was my great grandmother's and it's simply magical. Can time really stand still? If yes, this is what it must look like. As long as one does not look at the people's faces around the table.


  1. The pictures are amazing Reka! Are you taking them yourself?! Lots of friday-love to you from me!

  2. I absolutely love these pictures!
    Especially the one of the old lady! (Your grandma?)

  3. Frida, tack. Ja, det är jag som har tagit de... men det maste bli bättre :-). Har precis börjat fa grepp om det :-). Kram till dig ocksa! Ha en underbar vecka.

  4. Anna, thanks. It's my grandmother's sister-in-law... She's such an amazing women. She was chopping wood with the biggest ax ever!